Link & Network

Here is some links which may be useful for you.

Link to my other blogs:

  1. Catatan Kaki Cahya – This is a blog that I have being write in Indonesian; its likely a personal blog, where I put so many things randomly.
  2. Celoteh di Ranting Sastra – Another blog in Indonesian, monthly published, its about something called “sastra” or the art of word and voice. I love to write poetry, monolog, and so many more here.
  3. The Voices – It is a similar blog as this one, only I wrote in Indonesian.

Social Network

  1. Friendster – The first social network that I use, but I think its dormant right now, you can find me here through this link.
  2. Facebook – One of the largest social network on internet. Find me here via this link.

Contact me:

  1. Yahoo – if you are using an Yahoo!Account, please us this link to contact me.
  2. Public – if you are using other than Yahoo!Account, please contact me via email by visiting my OpenID’s site.

Thank you for visiting my blog, any comment just leave on the commenting section.

Best Regard,


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