Hymne of Rainbow

This is the land where my foots found their ground solid enough to walk on. Ah…, I just remember not always as firm as now, anyhow that is what we call life, don’t we? Only a moment ago I can see, then become blind at all, and somehow I can see again we a very intense clarity. Yes…, the wind blows softly, just like there are all perfect moment I have just perfect enough to touch every single of them passing by with and within my consciousness. Its now maybe beyond a quite sky, seem all flying beauties have found their shelter from this silent gentle rains, then I reach a sight where a pale sun light falls, dances and sparkling within those amazing scenery.

The songs I sing in every single breath is this beautiful rainbow of nature… of life. To see the most colorful existent within and beyond everything, then you just do not know what its those all colorful things, may there left a simple trace that leads to a beauty of life.

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