Get Home Get Married!

It was recently…, hmm…, these months…? these weeks…? I can’t remember it clearly. The phones was always rang and gave me a quick shock among my peacful times these days. The topics always same, and the source too…

I picked the phone (any of them which rang), “Yes Mom…, I’m fine…, don’t worry“. I always wondering what she would like to say, but its just lovely to tell her firts that everything were just fine, she used to get worry easily.

What do you mean by don’t worry? Do you remember when the last time you called home?” I can’t noticed wether she was giggling or mad at me. Or maybe I was thinking to much, maybe she was really worrying me at all.

Yeah…, I remember that before that moment, my last call home was about a month or so. I not a good story teller, neither a fine listener. Maybe cause this lack of self care, I don’t bother my self to tell anybody about my “daily what’s up”. But not counting how many times I have had I call home in a year, Mom always being care and call me all the time…, okay…, its just only a couple time in a month, or in a weeks, depend on her mood I guess, or depend on the news she heard about the city (I prefer to refer as a distric) where I live by these last years.

Well…, don’t you always make a call when I didn’t?” I replied her.

Yes. So everything fine there, aren’t they? Do you need anything? Its sunny season now, better take care your health well, you always get hospitalized by minor accidents or health issues, don’t you remember?

I know Mom, I fine, everything fine, and I don’t think, even don’t get any feeling if I am going about to hospitalized again. So please do not over worry about your son to much.”

We talk about an hour or less, I can’t stand talk by the phone more than a hour period. She told me a lot think, obviously about everything that took place at home, and some news about my brother, seemed he would like to get a bachelor degree on biology science (I wondering if he would have interest on information technology recently, I heard from a friend he applied that form at the university of the state on our province).

And suddenly, the words came without worning…

When you will finish your study there…?”

Ups…, “Wait Mom, why suddenly you asking that old question? I have been telling you all this time, I did get on a certain circumstance that take me in long walk from the point. I want to resolve this condition by my own, and it shall cost some times.”

How old are you now?

Hmm…., about a quarter century by the of the year I guess. So what…?

A boy at your age surely need to arrange his future. You better get home and get married as soon as you finish your education there…

What…!” It shocks me like a lighting without warning. “Why…?”

What is why…? Doesn’t it sound normal?

Yes, perfectly normal, except there is no issue on that, and I’m not going to make any issue about that.” What she was talking so suddenly, there is no idea about this thing, or maybe there is suppose to be no idea to protect something precious of mine, the last precious thing.

And what she was thinking saying it lightly. Who I suppose to marry then. What an oldiest paradigma that every boys must find their wife soon enough.

Why you say that…?”

Well Mom, it supposed to be fine since I’m your son.”

What thats mean again?

All boys (refer to my uncle) in your family got married after they were 30th. They didn’t hurry in that issue, well, it is in our bloodline, ha ha…, so it is sound normal for you?” I don’t think she would get mad if there is some excuses which I can bring on the line.

Long after that conversation, I do talk to my self. Here, there is nothing much I can do right now, maybe my family was missed me so much, Mom tried to look for a ridiculous reason to drag me home. Yes, nothing wrong with getting home this week I wondering.

Find a night bus ticket should not hard this time, and tommorow I can going home. Ha ha, just I wondering without telling them that I’m going home, how would their reaction in the firts place. Well, I don’t think I can get any sight of that, I must make my granny village as the destination in firts place before reach my home, it is the closest place to reach from the bus routes.

Ah…, well, yep, I’m going home tommorow, get home…, get home… :rotfl: and meeting my fiancee :inlove: , ha ha…, oh…, wait…, wait…, do I have a fiancee…? Hmm…, I can’t remember clearly, but who cares, get home…, get home…, journey to get home… :zombiekiller: 😀


8 pemikiran pada “Get Home Get Married!

  1. Titut

    halo, salam kenal 🙂
    menikah di atas usia 30 = bloodline? :))
    .-= Titut´s last blog ..Ketika saya melihat film animasi Barbie secara berbeda =-.


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