Love of The Rabbit

Once upon a time, an old rabbit who get jealous to her neighbor – a young mother of a small rabbit, a young mother that desperately looking for living for both of them, she and her only daughter.

"What can you do, you are just a pathetic, do you think worthed enough to rise the kid?" The old rabbit yelled loudly to her, and she stay still.

She got home and seeing her love smiles upon her coming. She smiling and whispering the stillness.

Maybe I’m not a perfect mother for you, but nobody perfect in this world. Maybe there is a time I did hurt you and there would be a time I do it again, but in this world I love you the most, no matter how much loves I have, and only me who can love you this much in this entire land under the heaven blessing. Even there would be rain under my umbrella, I love you with all my heart, and in the end, that is everything.

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