Leaving The Blogsphere

This is something I have asking myself for plenty of time today. Of course I shall not leave completely since there are so many things I still wonder to share together on this simple page.

There was an offer came to me this early week, and my time very well. Instead of weighting it, perhaps the correct way is I have no other option but to accept it – it is beyond my capability to hold anything any longer – as I felt my breath became shorter each passing day.

This path requires my entire-self, my full heart poured on it. As the consequence, I can’t maintain this blog as what it was for these months. Yes, maybe once a week, or fewer maybe I shall able to write down something or visiting friends’ – but not all pages and works obviously.

You may find what I call as “the broken page the cloistral words” here and again.

Tomorrow shall be a week before that day come, I need to save every single breath that I can provide.

I need to leave blogsphere in order to enter another sphere…

But I wish there would be moment when I can give a visit to my page again since it is a nice place where I can took a rest and refresh my cloistral soul…, here again…, deep within the bhyllabus – our short pilgrims.

This is not a good bye, so I shall say no of that phrase.

Thanks for accompanying in this pilgrims, shall we met again in simple way and a nice smile as we met before…

Well, meanwhile the housekeeper away, you still may leave a response to hundreds posts that I’ve already prepared as automatic update 🙂

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17 pemikiran pada “Leaving The Blogsphere

  1. Lea Ramdhani

    oh italia..aku kira greek..ampun deh sotoy nya aku..
    Va’ dove ti porta il cuore..just follow ur heart..ikuti kata hatimu..sip?


  2. Lea Ramdhani

    jiahaha..pak dokter protes..
    iya deh “Va’ dove ti porta il cuore” (ada apa dengan merpati??)
    baiklah kawan semoga kau sukses mengarungi sphere-mu yang baru..
    Viva La Cahya Legawa..
    Sayonara..gudbye T-T


  3. Lea Ramdhani

    emg mau pergi kemana cahya??
    yaah cahya…sedih deh..T_T Hiiikz
    jarang2 kan aku punya temen fesbuk kayak cahya..
    i’m sorry gudbye dong..T_T ngiiks
    ya sudah see u again ya kawan..ga pake lammaa
    -datang tak diundang pulang tak diantar.. 😛 hehehe


    1. Lea Ramdhani,

      Surely not leaving this world , he he 😀
      If I may say it… “Va’ dove ti porta il cuore” 🙂

      Btw, saya kan memang tidak pernah menggunakan facebook (asal buat nampang doang – jarang banget dibuka) :p


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