Animated Series “Little Krishna” – The Little Avatar

When I was in Bali, lovely accompanying my nephews watching television at the night, and we found an interesting animated show on TPI – called “Little Krishna – Darling of Vrindavan”. Well, it was the second animated series that TPI brought to public after Upin and Ipin’s series. We were so enthusiast watched them over and over.

If you ever read the Mahabharata comic by RA Kosasih, and watching this animated serial, it must be a good complement for the avatar’s childhood stories. As one of ten avatar, Krishna (or perhaps some would say Lord Krishna) were thought to be lived around 6000 B.C., when the Hastipur still exist as the greatest kingdom in the middle earth.

I found some of stories were contradicted from what I ever heard or read somehow. Well, Mahabharata and the life of Krishna itself has been have so many versions around the globe. I feel the story were give more weight to Vaishnavism side, a sampradayas that worshiped Lord Vishnu as the Supreme One.

At least then after I found an article on Wikipedia (as mentioned here) says…

Little Krishna is a 3D computer-animated series which is a co-creation between BIG Animation and The Indian Heritage Foundation (promoted by ISKCON, Bangalore). The series is all set to grace the Indian television on Nickelodeon from 11 May, 2009.

ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) is one of the biggest Hindu Vaishnava religious organization which is founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (even tough Prabhupada never declared ISKCON to be a Hindu organisation, because he considered it to be a ‘material designation’, not an appropriate name).

So back to Little Krishna animated series, I never care much about contradiction in all stories that the world has, but enjoying the movie itself were amazingly fun and joyful. It is a good movie for family, don’t you thing so?

Yesterday I found some “funny” question on the net, “why Little Krishna look familiar with the avatar character by Cameron Diaz?” – I was laughing by myself, and said alone “Well, He is an avatar, what else would you expect?” – I think people on this country no longer interesting in his/her own culture, like attending Wayang show, traditional Sendratari or something like that. Ah…, quo vadis my young generation?

Little Krishna

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8 pemikiran pada “Animated Series “Little Krishna” – The Little Avatar

  1. wirati

    Little Krisna is funny movie. Some time I watch while laughing. Make refresh my mind.

    Dont compared with real stories. This movie just want to say " I want to entertain the viewer. and make happy together with their family.

    Why this movie very famous in Indonesia?

    cos the stories told the real life. How to help each other, working together, say appolize if you are wrong, adn the avatar is very funny.

    Mybe youngstar in Indonesia realize that we need new creativity for building our nation.

    Keep spirit and motivation for all.


  2. Bli Wira dan Mbak Decy,

    Sepertinya sekarang serial animasi 3D memang sedang digandrungi, apalagi oleh anak-anak kita (yang dewasa saja suka) 🙂

    Saya tidak kalau kalau yang dijual VCD-nya, wong kadang VCD asli-pun masih berkualitas bajakan 😆


  3. Decy

    waktu pertama nonton memang kagetnya karena suaranya sama dengan Sinchan hehe

    kartun ini memang disukai Bhian selain Upin Ipin ..



  4. saya juga cukup suka dengan film ini, kalau ada waktu pasti menyempatkan diri untuk nonton.. bagus juga untuk film anak2 nih, kedua keponakan saya juga suka, mereka sampai membeli VCD nya, tapi kurang tahu itu asli atau bajakan, hehe


  5. wigati

    Iya, saya juga suka nonton film ini mas, gemes lihat Krisna&teman2, hmmm kapan ya Indonesia bisa bikin yang sebagus ini 🙂


    1. Wigati,

      Gemesnya pasti karena pengisi suaranya si Crayon Sinchan ya? Ah…, rasanya kita sudah ada beberapa film animasi 3D pendek buatan anak negeri sendiri, hanya saja belum tahu kapan bisa sebagus ini, lagi pula kan film Little Krishna yang membelakangi sudah para seniman perfilman berkelas internasional.

      Yah, siapa tahu kreativitas anak negeri ini bisa juga melejit nantinya 🙂


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