A Single Memory From Home

I was not in a good mood when travelling back home, and latter found myself not even better when travelling back to Jogja. I did nothing much back in my home, visiting some old friends and relatives, but I did enjoy everything back there. Ah, it just feel like refreshing my self over, and over again.

I am visiting my memorable place, called some flashback to the moment in my earlier time. Yes, it can not descript into a motion in the tip of my lips, but for every moment I can took, I’ll took a capture of it, since I am a forgetful person.

And some surprise, I nearly got a fiancé, but I still luck for able to escape the conditions (ha ha… :D). I’ll tell you the story in other post of The Lord lets me for it.

Thank you for everybody back there at home. Thank you so much.Halaman Rumah

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