Butterfly of Knowledge

I think human has achieve a remarkable evolution on knowledge building. And between trust, belief, enigma, and scientific methods, we have accumulate abundant forms of sciences. From a think as clear as we said it as formula, until the hypothetical quotation without boundaries.

Sometimes I would believe, this wasn’t the matter one’s attic – since we can’t measure it for sure.

Sometimes, knowledge is not about building everything by its foundation from scratch to the almighty castile. Knowledge sometimes… simpler than the thought itself.

Knowledge born by its own nature, just like a caterpillar, no way we ever imagine it would something with so much beauty in the end. Yes, it may uglier than the real caterpillar than we can found on banana’s leafs. Indeed you may get some allergic-like reaction when you close enough to it.

But if we willingly give a chance to learn honestly, by its own nature, it shall become the most beautiful butterfly of knowledge. Ah…, okay, its may not so beautiful in everybody’s point of view, we can’t just fix it like that. But yes, it is our own butterfly of knowledge.

But really, your pace sometimes its not always in the same rhythms with peoples’ ways, so it is your wisdom to to chose, stay in your nature or accelerate your pace to reach a higher goal.

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7 tanggapan untuk “Butterfly of Knowledge

  1. Sometimes the butterfly, give signs about beauty, wisdom and honesty. These, good talent explanation. Thanks for great post.


  2. Pak Jarwadi, Sir, I believe I didn't mention anything about so called "truth"…

    It just about a learning process within one wisdom and choice.

    Well, the "truth", if we put it so simply, is something that everybody should find for him/herself.


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