And The Life Meets its’ End

I just have a walk this afternoon and met an ordinary life event. Nothing special at all, but I just loved to take a note from it. Life is so fragile, but that fact bring about a simple realization if one can simply touch the very life it self.

Everything has its’ beginning and somehow it shall met its’ end, well we maybe not so sad since we have no bound to the very life that has lost. But when a journey of someone close in our life was ended, we might suffered a great feel of losing.

If we feel the same for every life form on this earth, maybe we have the same colour of breath and soul as for all the living things. It is simple, so we met the same death as how we see it through every moment and time that already ended, and we may have no rejection again what that a lot of people fear of – death.

4 tanggapan untuk “And The Life Meets its’ End

  1. @Agung, tidak harus berusaha, toh berbuat baik bisa datang dengan alaminya, kalau dipaksa rasanya ndak ikhlas banget toh 😉

    @Lea, ha ha…, siap-siap dikebumikan 😀

    @Rismaka, sebenarnya itu yang mau saya tanya ke pemilik blog flora dan fauna, sebenarnya yang benar itu apa?

    Ah…, kadang kita yang lebih tragis, berharap kematian tidak datang dengan tragis…


  2. Bukannya gambar itu adalah gambar cicak yang mati? Kenapa tulisannya death lizard?

    Owh iya… cicak satu jenis sama lizard ya 😀

    BTW kematian yang tragis 😦


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