Government, Internet and Pornographic

The Indonesian government wish to block access internet access into sites that contain pornographic materials, as said by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information. Obviously I think it is not an easy goal to achieve, as well as we know that internet just like a dense mazes of all kinds information, both useful one and the opposite.
I would be agree, if government does do their wish to limit national access to adult material on internet. But by what methods, I am afraid I myself still don’t have any idea of it.
Since pornographic itself a huge business commodity on internet marketing, I am afraid there will always be this kind of material everywhere around the net itself. I think the basic problem arise from the net user that demanding this kind of material to exist of internet, it is just like a market, without demand there would be no pornographic materials as we can easily find today.
Ah, just lets see if government would really make a deal this issue.

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