I don’t know

The simple way to avoid all misunderstanding if we try to solve a case we don’t really understand is by saying “I don’t know” in the very beginning. It is not like we denying our prior knowledge, but just to give a clear starting point, if we need to let go all our prejudgment. Human ego sometimes easily takes over our clear mind, and we think me might know what we face, but the truth is they are only a vague guessing.

So, saying “I don’t know” is the ideal way to avoid our own clumsy traps, we need to see clearly, and lets see from a blank stillness. And saying “I don’t know”, is more than enough to make our self a honest entity without craving for false dignity. Yes, I don’t know, lets start to learn something about it, lets find something – the truth of it. So then, we can live a truthful life.

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