Plan for Long Break

I felt recently it was not a good moment for continuing writing on Bhyllabus, I hope for some breaks these weeks (damn, I just look like those mangakas). I did bore recently for writing, and prefer reading more articles on some old books, scrolls, or ancient manuscripts (what a pain) – and having my solitude moment far away from blogsphere.

Ah, lets take a long break – I thing it is a marvelous idea.

Btw, I did try something new in this blog (this page especially), try to right click this content or try to copy-paste it if you can (from the blog obviously). Well, there is a way of course, but it wouldn’t be easy. Since I do some special enchanting for this content, hi hi….

Well, I am looking for a freelance who willingly becomes a contributor for Bhyllabus, anybody interest in it? Ha ha, I don’t think anybody would.

Nah, thanks for staying tune with me for all this time, lets meet again in the near future.

Open-mouthed smile

Regards – me… (its only a plan, please don’t take it seriously).

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6 pemikiran pada “Plan for Long Break

  1. Ha ha…, ya Pak Aldy, mau liburan panjang nih. Karena mau mengerjakan hal lainnya.

    Hmm…, ketahuan juga ya? Memang javascript-nya masih ada beberapa serangga yang berlompatan :D.

    Biar saja toh, bukan tulisan untuk ditanggapi (aih, cari alasan).


  2. aldy~PF

    Mas Cahya,

    Break? ada sesuatu yang mendesak? sehingga harus break.

    Ach…anti klik kanannya mengharuskan saya mematikan javascript dulu baru bisa komentar 😀


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