A Home Call

Yesterday, I called home – my mom, she wanted to say something. And I nearly got a heart attack when she said that she wanted to visit Jogja next month – are you insane?, I yelled in my heart, but instead I said, “very well, just be careful on the way.”

There would be apocalypse if she really comes to Jogja. Remember about my other story “Get Home Get Married”? Yes, it would be a nightmare walking by the bright day.

Not only that, since she was not good on ‘map reading’ – she seems to be planning something, like bring along my old nemesis. Obviously, that can bring about the third world war in Jogja (and that girl said she willingly comes next holiday).

Gezz…, I don’t think of what to do. Imagining it would be the worst thing in my mind – but if it comes into reality – well, just like to old song “whispering words of wisdom… let it be… let it be…

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10 tanggapan untuk “A Home Call

    1. maksunya sudah di jodohkan mas?? g bisa milih sendiri dunk.. 🙂

      kok masih pke disqus sistem komentarnya? katanya mau dibalikin.. beneran safari versi lama g bisa Mas.. terpaksa pke yang baru ne… (^_^)


      1. Fad,Kan biar saya bisa balas komentarnya pakai ponsel seperti sekarang. Nanti kelupaan balas komentar, dibilang ndak dibaca lagi :D.Nah, yang itu topiknya di luar kuasa saya, biar saja dah begitu.


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