They who have been stayed long enough at “Wisma Cahaya Rembulan” should be knew the “Baby”. She is a priceless cute baby from the next yard, and she used to play around our veranda if she has a time.

She really hates cats, always yelling loudly when a cat passing by. But she now getting old, just like me. Even so, we still call her, “Baby”, ha ha…, what a cute one.


Then we said, “we love you BabyHot smile

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8 pemikiran pada “A Priceless Baby

  1. he…he….he….he…he..lucu ya…
    sayangnya saya takut anjing..
    btw salam kenal ya.. 🙂
    kamu sekilas mirip vidi alviano ya…


  2. Christin,

    Alasan yang bikin gemes, sayang dia suka menggigit kalau terlalu lama dipegang, hi hi…, pinginnya larian terus di halaman :).


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