Thank you for sharing with Bhyllabus all these days – but wait, (I wish) this isn’t a good bye post I wrote. But still, there is something I need to fix – including sewing & stitching my pant :D. He he…, but I guess, I am not a good tailor at all, all I can do is getting them messed even more. And there are still other things that need to be done.

So let me introduce you to Moonarch, here…

She is the guardian of my communication system, including phone, computer & network. While this offline activities of mine starts, she will guard my network so I would be stay outside the reach of mortal world and cyber guess.

So I will enter my reclusion now, and you may have a chat with Moonarch – but I’m not sure she stands human language, he he….

See you again (I hope so) soon.

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