Don’t talk about the form, don’t speak of the color, since the infinite is untouchable, since the purity isn’t a gesture. To find the formless behind the form is to find nothing at all, and there would be no finding at all, there would be no action with a purpose, since purity has no map to guide to.

Life flowing its own form, and its own nature. You may try to figure it out, but all the figuring would meet a wall, a boundary called limitations. An act with purpose – to figure – only a start to reach a limitations.

Purity doesn’t has purpose. Purity is everything without a coursed path, there is no path either to reach purity. It is the infinite where stillness dance beautifully. It is the infinite white, the formless beyond the form. It’s a great move without motive.

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  1. Pak Jarwadi,

    I prefer an uncharted life, there would be a lot of mysteries await to be found within the cycle of destiny – it would fascinating to find a life that full of surprise :).


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