Ti voglio bene

There was a phrase which started a stormy sea around my ark life. A beautiful words of “Ti voglio bene”. I won’t forget the voice that brought me the words – yet, I think I have ever smiled freely in the first time of my life.

But I think she has wishing me to move on with my life, so I have to move on to a distance right now. Thanks Tion…, thanks Nara…, thanks Yalsi…, thanks Tiara…, you are my best buddies – please take care – I have to go now. The stormy sea awaits me, I can’t bring you all along, please understand. Believe me, you are all already in a good hand, who will take you with care & love.

With this, the Moonarch secret operation ended, accomplished with my full gratitude to all of you.

Ti voglio bene, cara…



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