I was surprised when coming the last day before I have my yesterday flight. I looked to the scale, and it said that I got more weight again, and 3 more kilograms, no way I yelled to myself. Gez, the holiday doesn’t seems entirely give me more exercise.

Yesterday I picked up some pairs of new pants, and yes the number rise by one – what a pain. Now I only have a week to get back to weight before a holiday. This weight isn’t good for my health, I have to get more exercises.

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7 pemikiran pada “Weight Gain

  1. Mas Asop,

    Wah, saya ndak hobi nge-gym, nanti yang ada malah kesleo di sana-sini, saya renang saja deh nanti (padahal ndak bisa juga) :D.

    Pak Aldy,

    Dalam 3 minggu Pak, nantilah, mesti dinormalkan kembali, biar ndak mengganggu kesehatan.


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