The Final Windows Live Writer 2011

Now the final version of Windows Live Writer (WLW) 2011 has released within Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 (WLE 2011). For them who love blogging with this blog client would be very pleasure, but you would need Windows 6.x (Vista & 7) to run this version of Windows Live Writer.

You can download the online installer of WLE 2011 and chose only to install or upgrade to WLW 2011, so you can save some bandwidth in the process. Otherwise you may to chose download offline installer, and install all the programs within WLE 2011, including Bing Bar, Messenger, Mail, Windows Live Mesh, Family Safety, Messenger Companion, Live Writer, Photo Gallery & Movie Maker. Well, just get ready to download about 155 MB if you would like to download the offline installer.

For Indonesian bloggers, there would be a version with Indonesia Language Pack integrated. So it would make blogging simple & fun even for kids. The final stable (non-beta) Windows Live Writer 2011 today would be version 15.4.3502.922.

10 tanggapan untuk “The Final Windows Live Writer 2011

  1. Tomi,
    Tapi tidak didesain untuk Windows XP deh rasanya Mas. Coba dicek lagi.
    Tentu saja ada perubahan terutama di bagian navigasi dan antarmuka grafis pengguna.


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