We aren’t so merciful

Two college students from different faculty met each other on a lunch at the same cafeteria. Soon they’ve know each others, and they knew if the was working with some researches that use rattus norvegicus as experimental rats. They are now asking each other about what they have done with the rats after the experiment over.

The first student said, “Oh we just terminated them all, as how the standard procedure used to be”.

What?, you are so unmerciful, don’t you feel any sorry for them.” The second student seemed in shock.

We don’t have any other choice, do we?” The first student defended his act, “So what about you? What you done with them?

I give them to veterinary guys.”

Are you sure? Were they have any kind experimental animal reservation department? I never heard any.”

I don’t think so, they said they shall fed them for the experimental snakes.” Said the second student.

Ah…, I see.”

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