Haircut Donation

On the early morning today, I met Mr. Bergen – that’s just how people call him – a kind & polite barber which has been starting his own barber shop for years at Pandega Marta. I was asking him whether he closed his shop just like most of people do since volcanic ashes from Merapi seems persistent floating in Yogyakarta’s air. No he said, that the shop still open just like how it used to be.

So, I decided to get some haircut, since mine got messy recently. Fortunately, he wasn’t so busy in the morning, but what he would do after that, why he just wasn’t so busy in the morning?

Well, he said that yesterday he passed a primary school which already transformed into shelter for Merapi’s refuges, he would like to give a hand, but doesn’t find anything suitable – only then he thought that he can help with his skill.

So he decided to help the refuges by donating a haircut. I thought it creative, very creative indeed. And such a genuine creativity only born from the urge of pure humanity.

Mr. Bergen’s barber shop is the only one – my favourite place to get a haircut.

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