Offline–Need Rest

This morning I woke up with intense pain around my chest, I think it would blow up my chest from inside – what a terrible sensation. And then the pain became sharp and well localized within retrosternal area.

I was has no idea what is going on, I though it was esophagitis – but I have no history of that condition, nor I have history of dyspepsia. After a couple hours, I know the pain stabilize but not decreased at all.

An acute retrosternal chest pain, well localized, sharp pain, tenderness on palpation, increasing with trunk movement and deep breathing, no swelling, no history of any heart, gastrointestinal and respiratory problems. An unknown origin pain, there is only one thing in my mind – it could be a costochondritis.

Then my mind became blur, I go back to my bed, and sleep for about 5 hours this morning. Well, you can’t cure costochondritis without specific history in instant – it self-limited disease (at least the theories said so).

The whole think I can do now is rest with pain in my chest every time I move my body and take a deep breath. The pain so sharp and intense – feel like something is crashing your breastbone from within.

I call this RIP for rest in pain (not rest in peace).

Well, I think I’m no longer able to handle this blog (and other networks) for this moment. I really need rest, and perhaps some anti-inflammatory drugs (which I prefer not). I’ll probably off this days.

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