Will I Leave Google?

Recently I have something in my mind, it is about the search engine of choice. Like on medical field, we have a therapy of choice, which make a better clinical advantages and less advert effect. I am thinking the same on using search engine.

I would like to say Google has grow to be a great search engine on the net in this past 7 years, at least from where I began to using Internet for my education. It did help me very very much indeed, and I am very grateful  for it.

Even the features are great, not mentioning the powerful Gmail, Picasa, Blogger etc. But recently (and it means more than a couple years), the Google search engine has failed my expectation for a better & clean search result. I was hoping for the new indexing algorithm fro Google to do more job on cleaning the search result from spamdexing pages/sites.

But until today, there are still a lot of spam pages on the search result. It is really frustrating if about two or there in ten results would be a spam, auto-content site, which is the result of abusing SEO and tricking Google to index them.

I know Google has a good concern on this issue. But, it seems to many protests doesn’t affect Google. In fact one of the most useful tool for Google search engine was removed by Google, a tool that can exclude a site or more from search result, this tool was convenient was once I recognise the site as spam – I can exclude it from the search result if I use Google again.

Then, this week I accidentally try the old search engine that I’ve left behind – Yahoo. Wow, I was surprised that the result, even not as precise as Google in my personal opinion, but it is a clean result, no spam site (or maybe one suspicious address after two or three result pages).

Yahoo gives a nice temptation to those who wish a cleaner search result. Now, I am start to think, should I leave Google? It is really annoying if Google can do nothing when that ‘spammy’ results.

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5 pemikiran pada “Will I Leave Google?

  1. Iya, akhir2 ini waktu saya make google untuk mencari sesuatu, di halaman pertama malah keluar splogger2 yang menyebalkan, gak ada isinya sama sekali… Untung saya udah baca dari blog Mas Cahya ini, jadi saya tahu bahwa itu splogger.


  2. TuSuda

    Sorry, I really didnot know about this, but did its involve about TOS…may be, it's should be make the new account. or wait for nice information or connection…


  3. Asepsaiba

    "Oh no… Please don't say goodbye for me..", Google says…
    "We promise you that we'll increasing the quality of result for your confiinion.." 😀

    *Bli, trims ya sudah koreksi postingan saya…


    1. Mas Asep,

      Ha ha…, I believe Google will try hard to evolve into better aspect. Just its about now – I am still considering… :D.

      Well, about that post, I just feel something strange, but I just can't find it… :(.


  4. Fadhly

    Kunjungan di pagi hari mas cahya..

    Segenap Keluarga Besar Fadhly Mhd Mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha, Mohon Maaf Apabila Ada perkataan Saya Yg Menyinggung Perasaan Mas Cahya…. ^^


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