The Dawn of Morning

I woke up this morning with uneasy feeling. But despicable me, I don’t really care much about my own feeling lately – means from a long time ago as long as I remember it. So like I used to do every casual morning, I was buying a breakfast a cross of the mansion, when I met him (or her?).

A lost puppy in the early morning, tired and alone. I know that he already lost in our neighbourhood since last night – not so long from the elder of our village. Then I remembered with Tobby when first time he was found, then I remember that Tobby will no longer stayed at Twilight Moon Mansion – since he will be taken by his new owner before new year I think.

Well, he used to play in my room when he was a little puppy, yet he still a little puppy. Well, if there is a time where we met, there will be a moment where we have to say good bye.

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