Hugging You

How should I put every single of my careless act into some snowy poetry, or the spring would surely ended those masks this year. I haven’t met my expectation much this weeks, and I think again I have put so much pressure upon my own self already. What a wasted sigh.

Recently, mirroring my own time at the dusk, I saw some peculiar moment with interesting rhythm which I can not say why or how they seemingly bound to my very fate.

When I think by thinking like this only lead me to endless foul to be created more & more. I just have my time, catching some good – hugging fellow…

Hugging Tobby before Dusk

Hugging you make my mood feels gone beyond hopeless hours. Ha ha…, unfortunately, I am to busy so can’t take you for a walk at this dusk. And yet, you still shy as it is already your unparallelled character.

I think I’ll be off this week, many things give me serious headache already. Sorry, I can visit you – Tobby.

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