Do I like Horror?

The simple answer would be “NO”, I don’t like horror. And I just can’t stand why people love watching horror movies, and reading a kind horror novel. Well, I must admit that occult things have their own interesting side, but when comes to horror, no way I will say.

Horror never been good for my heart (seriously!). I do not know, maybe since there are a lot of spooky stories around me – even since my childhood. It said that 50 years back or more in my countryside, for people to summon a form of demonic power or spirit was a common thing. Hearing a lot of mystical stories would surely made me shivered endlessly.

Well, I must say it feels nice to see a frightened face of other when he/she listening our spooky story – even it was just a joke. Horror for a joke sometimes became a nice thing, as long as it stayed on the line.

There is some horror reading that I love to spend my time read it. I mean, even it has a lot of horrifying scenes, but not as scary as a horror movie would be.

Just say “Twilight Maiden x Amnesia” as an example, it is not too scary to enjoy, but surely can give some horror scene which its own flavour. And don’t forget, since I love comedy, a twisted scene between horror and comedy would be nice for me. But I don’t like any comedy horror movie that made by Indonesian cinemas till now, they were – how could I say it – lack of something unexplainable, lack of an unique flavour.

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