Navbar on WordPress 3.1

Even it was – maybe – a concept that adapted from (or even Blogspot engine, I don’t know for sure), I found a new fresh look when updating my core WordPress from 3.0.5 to 3.1 which called as threeone or “Reinhardt”. There is a totally new navigation bar (or just said as navbar) on the top of the blog.

I think it navigation bar for admin/author/contributor blog, since I don’t use multi-author blog, I can see the whole navigation for user (profile/dashboard/logout) option, a simple adding new post/page button, an easy way on accessing comments and blog appearance.

WordPress 3.1 Navigation Bar

But I think its a little bit strange if its also has a search bar (top right corner) when my own blog theme has the very similar one, don’t you think so? I don’t know yet about how should I test its usability, just let me try it for some moments, who knows I would like it.

How about you (WordPress users), do you find this new navigation bar useful?

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7 tanggapan untuk “Navbar on WordPress 3.1

  1. saya juga melihatnya di blog multi-author. cukup berguna dalam blogwalking sih, kita gak perlu repot2 menambahkan detail kita lagi 🙂

    kalau search bar biasanya saya gak pake


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