Mastering Your Path

Everybody take different paths in this life, even it seems similar, but they always has something unique that can’t be compared each other. They can be separated, can be crossed each others. They can lead to harmony, or they can bring about chaos.

That is maybe would call a reason why one needs to master one’s own path. And I think by mastering it doesn’t implies that one must be the best of the best, nor trying to reach that ultimate seat.

When you were trying to conquer your path, you are far from a par with the path. Mastering your path means that you are the very path itself. In simple words, its when you are no longer the disciple of your path, and there is no master anymore.

In the nature, its only you and the path are inseparable. That is all!

If there is still a distance between you and your path, then you are not yet what we call as mastering your path.

2 tanggapan untuk “Mastering Your Path

  1. it’s a very deep thought Cahya…

    it almost the same with scenario of life.. (I think)
    everyone has their own scenario…
    everyone has their own role..

    so.. mastering our role..


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