The Crying Husky

I can’t take a nap this afternoon, a crying sound comes from the front of the house. Then I took my step to see what is going on. Ah.., suddenly, I said to myself, there you are… yup, another Husky.

Husky 1

I thought you were crying because there is no one here, weren’t you. Hmm…, but you aren’t Bruno, are you new here…? Okay I take that as “yes”.

Husky 2

Let me hold you for moment, so stop crying, won’t you. Nah, good boy…, ups…, you are a girl huh…?

Now, be good, stay here. I think you are the one who would be with Bruno from the backyard. Well, I heard he was howling all the time. Argh, both of you give me a free-nap-day.

Husky 3

Let me back to my room now.

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