Give me strength, liberation and devotion

A friend of mine wrote a classical chant which I used to sing it in the past. It was a beautiful song, which calm intuition within. This chant were give to those who gladly server for humanity with love & compassion. An old devotion for Lord Shiva, as the giver of unconditional love to the all universe.

Sai Mata, Pita, Dina Bandhu, Sakha

Sai Matha Pitha Deena Bhandu Sakha
Therey Charaname Sai Mera Koti Pranaam
Mujhe Shakthi Do Hey Sai Shiva
Mujhe Mukthi Do Hey Sai Shiva
Mujhe Bhakthi Do Hey Sai Shiva

O Lord – Who is the mother, father and friend of all. I bow a thousand times at your feet. Give me strength, liberation and devotion, my Sai Shiva.

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