My Prayer My Beloved

It is still rainy on my small city of Yogya this evening. I took a deep breath, and swallowing all the stillness around & within my consciousness. Then I shall share this ten minutes outside the sphere of April fool day that infected me since this morning.

I know my stomach empty since this morning, cause I eat nothing but just plain water entering my body this whole day. Accidentally perhaps, but I find it without a meaning, a half day fasting.

Fasting help someone like me to clear my body and still my mind, help me aware of surrounding world. It just like drops of rain which hit the ground without hesitation, only purity of act without motives.

Rintik Air

My prayer my beloved, hear me my universe…

Thou shall grand love for them who love without hesitation

Thou shall grand freedom for them who accept a life without it in purity

Let my heart guide me, let my consciousness lays the path of rightfulness in front of me, let my prayer my beloved be the light within this darkness time.

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