Mystery of A Laughing Walrus?

My hobby on photography made me in love to take so many of natural images. But there are so many fun stories behind what I did & what I got until this day. I mean, it is not always easy to take a picture of nature, many talented photographers need a lot of effort to achieve a single high class picture. But for me who take photography as a hobby, I still find a lot of confusing things around the picture that I found.

Let me give a sample story. Once upon a time – no so long ago, only this morning actually, a young amateur photographer came to some beach at the North Hemisphere. After a walk, he saw a pinnipedia alone without his colony.

Well, its not strange to see a pinniped alone, but where were the others would be the question, wouldn’t it? He put the tripod in line, and focusing the camera on the right angle. He tough he would able to take a sleeping beauty picture of this ocean mammal.

When everything ready, he just about to click the shutter, but suddenly the pinniped opened his eyes. And the young amateur photographer accidentally yelled, “Oh NO! The Walrus wakes up!”.

Obviously with that decibel of yell, the pinniped heard it. But what then that was happening, the young amateur photographer was very sure that that mammal would run away to ocean, and the fact that pinniped – which reacted to the yell – was suddenly laughing while his body falling & rolling on the sand.

A Laughing Walrus?

No pinniped were ever reported done such strange act.

Now, here is my question, do you have any idea why the pinniped laughing? Submit your answer before the end of this day using the comment forms bellow. Solve the mystery, and you shall be rewarded! Your curiosity shall be answered – if you have any obviously.

13 tanggapan untuk “Mystery of A Laughing Walrus?

  1. i thot it wasnt laughing at all but it was just 'nguap'-ing or 'mangap'-ing, but fortunately the photographer captured its action at the perfect time hehehe blepotan dah…


  2. I think the walrus was laughing, because he already know that his picture will be published by people like you. or ehm.. the walrus was laughing because he got an idiot photographer yell so loudly while he was sleeping.

    BTW, good angle and moment too to take a shot. I like the picture… very much…


  3. Is this real? I mean, the picture is made by camera, not by photoshop (picure editor).

    I guess the walrus is not laughing exactly, but he's screaming 😆


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