Changed and Unchanged Things

I remember if some friends I met after a long time, they would say something like, “Hey…, you have been change a lot”, otherwise, “Gezz, look at yourself, you didn’t change at all.”

I don’t really know what was they seen in me back in the past. Or they just simply say some changed or unchanged things just as a spontaneous respond.

There are maybe something changes in me, well, since I am aged from moment to moment obviously. Getting old, with grey hairs start colouring my head. Time sure changes much things.

But there are things that remain unchanged, my childish behaviour, my hobby reading manga, or playing first person shooter game on computer. I love writing, and still love reading encyclopaedia of the world. My character doesn’t change so much.

I think if people said that I was changed, maybe because of outer appearances, but when they said nothing changed – maybe since they saw my inner characters.

We human, are changed yet unchanged in the same time. I think its a natural way of our living. Something change for the better cause, some other remain as they keep the harmony in balance.

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