I Love Cookies

It is not about Halloween when kids were bring cookies and got treat or trick along the way. I – personally – love cookies, whether it is traditionally made, or commercially sold pastry.

Sometimes in the morning – just like this morning – I would enjoy having a couple cookies with a glass of fresh apple juice.

Oreo Biscuit

Well, honestly, I love sweet things since kid. But today, avoiding unnecessary high calorie intake would implies avoiding sweet things, therefor I can’t eat cookies, pastries, biscuits, candies anytime I like. Otherwise, it would be bad for my health.

I love cookies, but I am aware I can let myself eats them too many at once. Except for some traditionally made vegetable based cookies, they give so much fibres for my digestive tract.


One Comment

  1. i don’t know since when i don’t like candies at all especially the one that has sweet taste i rather choose the bitter one 🙂
    to stay healthy not only for body either your teeth start to leave cookies and candies one step a day 😀



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