Even my head starts to ache since this morning and the morning before, deep inside – somehow – I feel strangely lighter than before. I don’t know, whether this is the feeling we get when we manage – again, somehow – to let go the past; or it just a temporary stillness before the incoming of a great storm.

Well, it does not matter, does it? The past that moves away, and the present that moves on, I think it is only the natural things to happen. Even if the future holds any storm as a welcome gift, there is nothing much I can do about it – let me welcome the life, as how it has welcomed me with warm and compassion.

I may not see everything – yet – clearly. My judgment still cloudy, my senses aren’t that sharp yet, and I don’t think I’ve manage to accumulate enough luck for this daily journey. And there are still clouds before the eyes.

When your point of view became cloudy, it just like a walk inside some sparkling mist, you can saw it – yet not all of it, and somehow got a bias reflection out of the sparks.

Then, when everything get into my head, well, surely they would give me a headache. But, when you put any unnecessary wariness aside, the invisible feathers shall make you feel a lot lighter.

Well, perhaps, it only happens, when someone falls in love with this very life, that he never hate it, even it has those strange gifts for him.