Secret Operation–Code: Moonhunt

Its a little bit a while since I signed my last secret operation last year – The Moonarch! So, here me again, assigned to a new secret operation, which mean I’ve to leave Bhyllabus for the time being. I do not sure how long this operation would take me away from the cyber world, perhaps for a couple of months or more.

I can’t do blog-walking, neither writing here for next couple months. Well, I am neither sure I would able returning here. If you find this site inaccessible in near future, it means I forgot to pay the bill for this domain, ups…, well, lets not worry about that (I won’t stop you to pay it for me if you mind it).

Pagoda of Turtles

This operation requires me to deliver this sacred turtles ornament somewhere where to gods and deities reside. It was said to be somewhere far far way land, far far away from civilization, and absolutely far far away from Internet!

This is an automatic post – I did set earlier, when the time you read this – it means I am no longer in this world (ups…, cyber world obviously).

p.s. since this is a secret operation, so this would likely a secret message, then, burn it (<joke>your computer</joke>) after finishing reading this last words! So nobody else know about this secret :lol:.

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