The Flowing Path

I walk to the unknown, toward where the light is born. I am wondering what is behind all this excitement. Is not that I dislike a journey, perhaps since I met the traveler on that very night, my soul became a wanderer through joy and calmness.

The Flowing Path

I seek no light, just simply in love with this charming humble path where I put a careful step after a single watchful step.

Life just a wonderful river, so shall never ‘exactly’ know where it’s stream would take you. You may find smiles, or perhaps unexplainable tears.

Indeed I never know where this flow will take me, but I see where I am now as long as I do not close my eyes of my surrounding.

This flowing path is not about where the light comes from, but this a journey where a light could bear.  Not seeking, only seeing delightfully.

They do not lament over the past, they yearn not for what is to come, they keep up themselves in the present, thus their complexion is serene.

Samyutta Nikaya 1.10

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