A Friend’s Wedding

I attended a friend’s wedding yesterday, somewhere called Payangan. I missed a lot of my friends’ wedding parties or ceremonies, only few I’ve attended so far.  I must say, with my current life styles and habits, its hard to give an attendant to everything around me. If I can come, I will come, if I can’t – I would like to say I can not.

I am a person that not suited within a crowd, so it would be my nature to avoid any crowded activity like parties or ceremonies, but it doesn’t mean I dislike it to the extent that I would run away from all of those.

I love to share happiness with people around me, including my friends on their happiest moments.

Maheni's Weeding

I wish the life grants wisdom and happiness for the couple.

10 tanggapan untuk “A Friend’s Wedding

  1. I had been ‘pagar bagus’ four times but I don’t see any this position gives me luck in love. And… I have some troubles with that. 🙂

    Would you mind giving me some advices by mail? I say this serious. Maybe, a doctor can propose more great ideas than people in common.


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