The Simplicity I Love

I do love everything just being simple, perhaps since I am a complicated person. If I put something more complicated into my life, it would ruin everything. So a minimal exposure of complicated matters would be my policy, whether inside or outside.

But the simplicity I love doesn’t mean has nothing within, neither has no colorful pattern. Being simple is not the same as being flat, monochrome always, or any similar way.

Being simple is a state of mind, a matter of not taking everything outside into inside. So is not about having something too many or so little.

Abimanyu Cafe

Simple is being able to put everything in the right place on the right moment.

I love simplicity, and I wish I could be a simple person.

11 tanggapan untuk “The Simplicity I Love

  1. Simpel itu subjective kan, Bli.. Some people tend to be more than less, but the others tend to says that less is more.. 🙂 #whatamitalkingaboutactuallyhere?


    1. PeGe, yup, simple is indeed very objective point of view, but it got a generalized feeling – and we all can say, “yes it is simple and lovely” :).


    1. Well, we are what we believe, if we belief simple is hard to achieve – than it is our daily life, we can’t push somebody to be as simple as we wish, but at least, it won’t bring much complicated matter ;).


    1. Yup, they said one is enough, one wife, one private island, one lambhorgini, one ferari, one castle for summer and another one for winter. ha ha…, then we said, world is just enough :D.


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