Precious Things Time to Time

There are many precious things from time to time in our lives, scattered along the path we walk on. Randomly came, and sometimes gone forever. Even when we face it, sometime we just not really look at it.

Sometime there were happiness, sadness, joy, regret, and all this feeling we have from time to time. They just like the seasons change each passing year.

And there is things that stay still, even the time keeps moving forward, our feeling toward each other, the life we spend side by side. These things still unchanged no matter how many years has passed by.

Elephant Statues Park

They are simply precious since they are changing from time to time, and they are simply precious because they are still the same form time to time.

I think in the end, it’s all about the way we appreciate this very life.

Satu tanggapan untuk “Precious Things Time to Time

  1. sometimes we like it thats the way it is, even though in reality what we are hoping for is changing. Lets ignore them a bit and think it still the same that used to be …


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