Those Colourless Wings

The first time we met, I though I saw a fairy standing in front of me. Came from a sacred forest which I never heard of nor ever imagined of. You walked gently to me, as if your steps never touched the ground, as if you were hovering gently toward me. As if you owned those legendary colourless wings of the fairies.

The first time we met, the music began to play, the night fallen softly, and the northern light danced beautifully. I was asking myself, whether I dream this meeting, and I still ask myself.

There were strange silence, so I could hear the sound of hundreds clocks, ticking throughout the space beyond ours.

From beyond those colourless wings, I could see the place you came from, as I felt not of this world where I breath and lived.

From beyond those colourless wing, I knew that would be our first and last met.

Glass Winged Butterfly

Thanks, for coming so far, just to bring a bottle of happiness you poured to my glass that very night.


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