The Way of Closed Eyes

I don’t want to see the world anymore…

A first sound comes in humble harmony through my shallow consciousness. But why…? Why must those words, question by question are popping up out of nowhere.

I don’t want to see lie,

So I close my eyes….

I don’t want to see violence,

So I close my eyes….

I don’t want to see hatred,

So I close my eyes….

But then, I do know, if those everything I don’t want, then perhaps I don’t want to see the world itself.

Then again, I am the world, the all creation are me. If I don’t want to see the world perhaps I don’t want to see my own self. I’ve closed my eyes for myself.

Polar Bear

Now, let me be honest, at least to myself.

Now, I lay down in some big strange empty space. Perhaps I’ve closed my eyes since I found something I dislike within, and reflected toward the world around me.

Perhaps there are lie, violence and hatred within me, in many ways so subtle, and all I can see only their reflection in my surrounding space. Within the gloomy atmosphere that trying to capture my very soul.

There is nothing I can do (yet), while on this path I closed my eyes, then I let stillness overflowing my existence, so I can see clearly what I truly am – just when this way of closed eyes end its’ path.

11 tanggapan untuk “The Way of Closed Eyes

  1. I won’t close my eyes again cz i will see you again wait me in the rain….
    so why am I still here in the rain..


  2. Wait, first I want to tell you, I did typo in my previous comment. I should wrote change not chance 😀

    Second, I disagree if we changing the perspective means that we run away from the problem. That’s the way how I make peace inside myself and I’d rather to do that one than closing my eyes. Why? Because if I close my eyes, how can I walk? How can I see the wholeness? I’d rather to keep my eyes open and play with my mind 🙂


  3. Somehow, liar, violence and hatred can teach something for us. Even we will sad, angry or crying about that stuff. But trust me, nothing is useless in this world, even that things sooooo bad! We just need to chance our perspective. Yes, talking more easy than acting, right?! 😛


    1. Deva, ha ha…, but doesn’t changing perspective meaning just another run away? Why don’t we just see the wholeness, and then act accordingly, or perhaps, if we aren’t capable to see the wholeness, just close the eyes :D.


  4. Ternyata itu to alesannya kenapa ingin menutup mata dan tidak ingin melihat dunia 😀
    Kalo gitu, saya juga sih, menutup mata karena malas melihat kebohongan, kekerasan dan kebencian yang ada di dunia ini 🙂
    *ssst…pake B.Indo aja ya mas, bahasa linggis saya masih terbata2 kalo untuk nulis 😆


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