Are The Sky Too High

Have you ever woke up in the morning with sunshine from a higher ground already touching your eyes? The warm light is shining brightly just like calling you…. But wait! Is not about you going to leave this mortal world in early morning.

Wherever you see the vast sky, even from a mere window, we can deny that it so marvelous.

Hundreds year back, perhaps we only look it as something too high to catch. It said there is where heavens made their first stone, and miracles start their first breath. A lot of people dream to reach the sky, to find the unrevealed curiosity.

Then today, when people already sit nicely inside airplane, taking photographs from space ship/lab. Even when all the sky have been chart with their winds and clouds, people still see it as one of the marvelous space above the ground.

Sky and Bushes

There were times, when sky looks so blur, so cloudy even where there is no much cloud lingering under its soft blue.

Just alike of an old memories covering the sigh of present. Looking from down here, only pieces of hopes and gladness.

They said, if people are in love, even they were separate by great distant, they still close each other.

So, why while it so high, the sky feels so close. Am I hallucinating, is my mind blurring, or perhaps I am in love.

Well, let the question stay there, since the answer maybe as high as the sky itself.

5 tanggapan untuk “Are The Sky Too High

  1. When I woke up with that feeling, I wish I have someone beside me to share that beautiful moment. *suddenly being a romantic person and I hope this feeling not make me being a pathetic person* 😀

    Mmm…looks like I read an article, wrote by someone who falling in love hahhaha….


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