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Before The Dream Catcher Born

Where are we before the dreams born? Before we learn how to put our dreams up high, and fly to reach them later. I remember teachers always say to have our dreams as high as our imagining can reach it. Well, they sound said it easily like crossing our fingers, but in reality, if you don’t become ambitious enough, you may become corrupted enough to reach a sky high dream.

Its good to motivate someone else, make them move forward, since the life won’t wait for us behind. But its wise to let someone to take their own path, so they doesn’t turn into a corrupted soul by your dreams those grow into their fantasies.

Dreaming, I think, one of the most wonderful scent that make us able to breathe even we close enough to our death. Dreams, I think, the most passionate song that make us dance brilliantly while we stand in the edge of tiredness.

Dreams, somehow, is not always belong to us, it can  inherited, generations to generations. There was a wonderful dream that almost every single soul above this planet share, a dream of peaceful life, between people, community, nations, and so on. Unfortunately, not everybody can reach that dream.

Super Ray

That is why, before the dreams catcher born, a wise dream inventor should be born.

Well then, make a good dream to become a wise dream inventor.


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