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A Journey of Nowhere

So, I ever imagined stay on a spaceship, break through the atmosphere into the darkness. Then what would happen if you lost the control over the shuttle? You might start a journey of nowhere. Yes, the feeling of getting on an endless journey – something that immeasurable.

Thanks to a news this afternoon, I got the same – trembling – feeling all over my mind. Well, it’s not unexpected, just a bit very far from chance.

Space Shuttle Discovery

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch 10 Second Exposure of Smoke Trail | A photograph by Danny Gracia.

Our life is a journey, and our journey makes it journey within a journey. Or so I think about it. Perhaps I’ll leave to the place where I can’t return to the place I was belong. But it’s a path that life provided to me, its a good sign in this life – when we still allowed to walk on a journey. Even it a journey of nowhere, or to the unknown.


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