The Moon and The Script

If there is so many things crowded inside my head, then writing some scripts would be my best option – poured every single thing into line of codes and poetry. When comes to personal feeling, all them locked within the code of my scripts, untouchable by the commoners, only one with a genuine sincerity is able to decode them – or so I thought.

But there are times when one or more scripts can’t hold everything inside my mind, even my body and soul seems perished as the time stops for good. There is still somewhere to look, into the deep calmness above the morning sky.


Ah, something that always looks the same for all this years, without a shingle wish, without a high hope; slow but sure, the time flows again, and this breeze of calmness entering my life – each flow for a complete negation, a life of fulness.

A single moon is much powerful than a thousand of scripts, a single fact in this life are more valuable than a thousand thoughts merged together.

Life is life, and with this, I sincerely welcome my new dawn.

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