Crossroad of Ancient Future

I made some plans for what I will do in the next days after the next year. The thing is that those plans and I now where exist between a huge wall ancient norms and the opposing wishes of many people who I dear most. It is a crossroad between my life philosophy, my ideal, my wish, my logic, my heart, my voices with abundant of nonsense that a lot of people worshiped as a greater good.

I am not weak, I am not being ignorant, I am not illogical, I am not careless. Instead, I am being strong, I am being aware, I am using my utmost logic, and I am caring with all my soul and my heart.

I know, everyone will say to me to stay calm, keep my composure, and rethink it over. The more I looked into myself, I can see I am clearly calm, and those who said the opposite perhaps lose their composure. Well, since I shall cross the road, a heavy one they said, I may not find what I should able to find if I don’t stay calm and keep my composure up.

Ancient Rome
Ancient Road of Rome – A Photograph and Copyright by Moyan Brenn.

And I already gave my words, I shall walk the promised path together. It is not breaking any law, it is not leaving any core foundation, but yes, something will be lost – it is inevitable. The ancient past will be lost, since we shall walk into the future, as how we believe it as our soul harmony.

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