Zero Infinity

With all the effort, even one is zero, he still capable of giving the infinity to the world.

Even when one feel as nothing worthy in this land, one should not stop in the middle of desperation – one can’t change anything by stopping there. Only the act of moving forward with kindness shall bless not only him, but the whole world.

The world perhaps has separated us in number, color, creating their own peculiar boxes. But only when you are a zero, you’ve the opportunity to see the world differently. What’s come after that, is only to you to answer it.

Perhaps you shall wondering, whether to stay trapped between boxes – the only thing matter is giving up the life that deep within, you are always deny it. Or shall you still open your windows and doors, and someday perhaps life shows you what life is about.

Don’t stop to question the life, maybe the answer is just there, yet wait for your hand, for a help – that one would find it in completeness. Only then a zero becomes infinity.

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