One Step Closer

Yes, today as always for each passing year is the day of you and me. Perhaps you already walk beyond the heaven, while I keep walking under the same sky that we shared before that time came. I shall not call your name, nor shall you should call mine – since that is one of those promises.

Each year I wrote just for our promises, that perhaps my mortal mind & memory shall forget your voices or how your smile were gentling my heart; but my existence is a single prove that you was here, stand by my side – walk a single voice together. 

Did you know, that the world has changed a lot since the first time I met your soft eyes. Well, yes, I grew older with grey hair everywhere. I wish I can meet you, yes – I just wish it.

How long it was? Is this another centuries already?

Met and gone without goodbye makes me know how far is this land I walked on from the heaven. I can’t measure the distant between us, yet each year on this day, I feel one step closer.

Just this feeling is enough to make me fulfil a couple more of our promises, then when my time comes, I shall met you again – I wish – without any regret; even tough I think the chance isn’t any step closer.

Scheduled as carved here as one of the promised day of the year.


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