A Fallen Shadow

Don’t push it too hard I said to myself, since the closest you move to a light source, a bigger shadow shall come for those you left far behind. If you find an enlightenment just for yourself, then you let the word stay in darkness. Unfortunately for you my friend, you find unmovable source of light, you can’t bring it back to others but in form of story tell.

The world just like a dying man fighting his feeling of thirsty while begging someone would give or sell him a bottle of fresh water, and he die in a bank of beautiful lake failed to find a saviour from his deadly thirst.

And then again, where did our conversation start? I believe we found no answer again from  those question which make us born, which make us shadows, which make us fall into a deep intriguing mind.

End of a summer day

Yes, perhaps I am too a fallen shadow, along the empty road, waiting for darkness on the other side. Have you wait for me? Or have you already fall silent within the most romantic silhouette? Well, I believe it will be the same, an answer of stillness.

Thank you for accompanying me, my fallen shadow.

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